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Careful, it’s contagious…

Welcome to the start of a beautiful relationship

Exciting ideas, realistic quotes and builders that show up, we’re a different kind of build and design company with new ideas formed from our own experiences. We’re putting the fun back into the build and we’re ready and waiting to make your home amazing.

Your job’s not too small, or too big.. It’s just right.

From repaints to renovations and extensions.

We’re not picky, we love anything that involves a bit of plaster, dust, cement and paint! Whether it’s a playroom fit for a Prince, an extension fit for a nice new kitchen or simply a spruce up of a tired room, we’re up for it. 

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We are you, just with about 30+ years of combined building and interiors experience so not only do we know what we’re doing, we also know what a total nightmare building work can be. We’ve taken a lot of time and finished more than a few boxes of teabags  (maybe a couple of bottles of wine too) making sure we can avoid every pain point encountered on a building project.


We know you wanted your building work completed yesterday, but a great finished product needs a bit of patience. However all is not lost, we offer realistic timeframes and work with a number of manufacturer deadlines in order to deliver your project on time. One thing’s for sure, we will NEVER leave you hanging mid-project, we know how that feels.


We aim for beauty in everything we do. Whether that’s picking the most attractive extractor fan and placing it in the most unobtrusive location, working with fire officers to enable an open plan living space or helping source amazing finishes, we will always be thinking about the finished product and working feverishly to create a thing of beauty.

Keeping things simple, because build works are complicated enough!



Interiors may be the final stage of the build but we keep them in mind throughout. With CAD drawings to help you visualise the finished article and a flare for a Modern Victorian, we love bringing properties up to date whilst not forgetting their roots. 





With multiple ‘difficult’ personal property renovations under our belts as well as great architects, we can design around most issues to create something that makes your heart sing. If it’s a blank slate we can add interest, if it needs a larger space or an en-suite we’ll work it out for you in the most beautiful way possible, always with one eye on re-sale potential.




With our own dedicated builders – no outsourcing here folks! We know that you will have workers on site completing the job every day, even 6 days a week if you’re happy with that! A dedicated project manager will take all the strain off and ensure the job goes smoothly. We also look after party wall agreements, Building control, planning and more, unless you ask us not to!

Saving money, time and headaches

With a number of partnerships, we save you money on beautiful finishes like marble, wood floors and more and we always treat your budget as if it were our own. If we find a cheaper more feasible option along the way, we tell you. Truth is, we are so dedicated to finding luxury on a budget, you’ll probably already have the best deal.

Plus we take Amex…. think of the Airmiles

We go further than plastered walls

We turn up...

You'll be surprised what's in budget

5 years Guarantee

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