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4 Ways to Save on a Bathroom Remodel

A small bathroom can quickly turn into a not so small job, especially when you price up EVERYTHING. Removing old tiles, making good of walls before re-tiling, hiding offending pipework and adding in some new copper all takes time. Materials and labour add up before you’ve even had a chance to pick out your porcelain throne!

So what’s an aspiring new bathroom owner to do when a new refit’s coming in on the pricy side? Here are our 4 top tips to keep a bathroom in and maybe even under, budget!


Tiles & Tiling – This is a massive chunk of the budget when it comes to bathrooms, I am constantly astounded at how long tiles take to lay well, with the emphasis on WELL. The good news is that there are a few options here to take a good chunk off your budget. Firstly do you really want tiles at all…. Other than the shower walls you can forgo tiles almost everywhere else in the bathroom. Swap floor tiles for a warmer laminate wood flooring or even, if you have them, keep your floorboards. Don’t bother with a splash back behind the sink, a good bathroom paint will do you just as well. There you go, I’ve just saved you £500 at least! However, if you do want or even NEED tiles in your life shop around and find a bargain, whatever you do don’t go to Tiles Direct…(majorly pricey). When you think you’ve found ‘the one’ search for it on google images to find the best price. On the subject of ‘the one’ if you want low wallet impact go for a larger tile, this will save you money on the laying. Small tiles = long lay time which = pricey labour. Avoid an extravagant tile pattern like the every so attractive but painfully slow to lay herringbone, these type of tile formations take TIME which sees your budget take an often unforeseen blow.


eBay and Amazon, even Aliexpress are your friends. Avoid the bathroom bigwigs, you’ll get speedy postage but if you can be a little more organised you’ll save in the hundreds if you shop further afield. You’ll need to take a little more time matching everything up but your time is free… a gold tap from a standard bath store most certainly isn’t. These three sites are particularly good for finding affordable taps, underfloor heating, thermostats and showers.


Reign it in and box in your bath to save money when you re-do your bathroom. The difference in price from a bath you can box in beautifully compared to a free-standing option is in the thousands. I know the standalone are all fairy-tale and majestic but that’s the opposite of what your ATM print out will be if you plump for one. A boxed-in bath can be equally beautiful if done right and is far more practical, especially if you have kids (think 360degree toy shelves and a side seat). You can box a bath in with a panelling, large tiles, an offcut of marble or tinted glass, of which look great.


Keep things in place. If you can avoid moving pipework do. Moving things about is going to move your labour and material costs in a definite upward trajectory. I would also even think about re-using some items – you can always re-purpose a sink to be an ‘under counter’ sink with a simple frame or by boxing it into a cabinet or console. Also toilets, they’re mostly the same and enormously underappreciated when it comes to ‘style’ – do you really need a new one?

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