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plaster fever design examples
plaster fever interior design and build london


Plaster Fever, founded by Lu Fitoussi-Findlay and her partner David, whose love of property and builds rivals that of anything else, make renovating and adapting your home enjoyable and stress-free delivering heart-pounding results.

It’s history spans near on a lifetime,  Lu grew up surrounded by boxes, setting concrete and multiple build projects, a way of life she has continued, with the addition of managing and designing other people’s projects as well as her own. Her most recent project gracing 10 pages of Ideal Home Magazine.

With 10 years in central London property sales, David built a name for himself amongst savvy developers who regularly sought his advice on planning and layout for maximum returns.

With personal renovations thrown into the mix, 7 over ten years to be precise, it was only right the two formed Plaster Fever.

The Plaster Fever offering doesn’t include invisible builders, strange outcomes and hidden costs. It’s our mission to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing and eliminate the other multiple issues to be found on personal build projects. Sadly, one continues to elude us, try as we might, we haven’t yet found a solution for dust...sorry.

We come with a heavy dose of ease of mind, affordability, great service and an eye for design and living in every aspect of the build.

We are flexible and can stand back when you want us to, either we source everything down to your throw cushions; or leave you with smooth, set plaster to do with as you wish.

The hardest part of any build is finding the right people for the job, but you’re lucky; you’ve found us.