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Home Inspo: A Commercial Softspot

This week, in our inspiration series (because who doesn’t love looking at amazing spaces?!) I wanted to share with you a place I always look to for inspiration and little steals to factor into both my home and those I design, commercial buildings.

These enlarged sofas are truly novel compared to all the slim footed sofas around at the moment. In a big room, they work so well as a grounding item.

A restaurant here, a new members club there, I find they are great for up to the minute ideas, textures, colours and new novel finishes. They are bolder than homes because you don’t stay there forever and they need to make an impact. For example, only last week I found myself in a restaurant’s toilet with corrugated iron walls mixed in with concrete and warm, large chunky wood. It was a delight!

Think of it this way, these new restaurants, bars, shops and alike have spent thousands on design and then they invite you round to spirit away all their fancy new ideas. And don’t always be fooled into thinking emulating these looks will break the back, these guys have budgets too and often you’ll find someone has done a lot of hard work finding impressive but affordable ideas which you can take home for your own.

In the spotlight this week is a new co-working space, Uncommon in Liverpool St. These co-working spaces are design-led, their values lie in delivering a holistic and mindful experience, which in essence provide a more harmonious space to work in benefiting from multiple biophilia and sensory elements.

My takeaway points from this new space? The massive planters and plants, the thick, almost butch sofas, the dark greeny/blue and light coffee colour schemes, woven rattan-esque lighting and the use of a darker marble. Any of these elements are easy to bring into your own home.

I love how the pale colours have more warmth than we often see against the dark walls and their overuse of both plants and lights two things that always make me happy.

What a stunning place to work! Maybe we’ll start taking our meetings here…

A green marble makes a great change from the white Calacatta we see so often and adds further warmth and texture to the space.
I’m a sucker for velvet, but velvet and brass, well… Add a few oversized plants and intermingled lights, I’d find it hard to leave!

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