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The Five Stages of ‘Build’

Doing big work on your home is tough, we won’t lie to you. It certainly claims it’s pound of grey matter, what with decisions about a million things plus working out order dates, delivery dates and compatibility of multiple different products and finishes! But it’s totally worth the mileage.

At Plaster Fever we aim to eliminate as much of the stress and strain as possible, taking the hard graft out of the build with management, design consultation, purchasing, sourcing and more. BUT whether you take on our full service or not there are still five stages you will inevitably go through during any build. Unless of course, you decamp away from the dust to sit on some sunny beach, wistfully watching the breeze through the palms, iced cocktail in hand, ready to come back when it’s all finished. Not you? Yeah us neither…

So here’s a little bit of the roller coaster you can expect to go through on the average build. to both prepare and remind you that you’re not alone, we’re all the same.

1.The OMGosh This is exciting, we’ll be done in no time and can enjoy guilt free takeaways! Stage.

Walls are coming down, space is opened up, packages are arriving and you’re awash with ideas and all the bubbling anticipation of what you’re about to create! So much ‘visible work’ happens at an early stage of any build, it’s easy to get carried away, thinking it’s all going to be done in a heartbeat. Pace yourself.

2. The: This is mucky work, I want my kitchen back now, why are we stalling?? Stage.

After so much speedy ‘visible work’ we move onto the not so visible… piping, wiring; the things behind the scenes that although they are less visually dramatic are vitally important and need to be done right therefore, take a little time.

3. The: giddy excitement – I can see it now, it’s all coming together stage.

Well yes it is, and also, no, it’s not. Patience and a budget for Potnoodles (some may get the in-joke there..) are vital for a build, whether it’s a self-build or one you draft out to a company. The rush of the ‘cover up‘ as we like to call it, when walls are closed up, and we have a nice clean mucky slate to work from is when things start to get really exciting, it starts to become easy to visualise what the space will soon become. It’s a really easy trap to fall into at this point, thinking you’re pretty much there, soz but there’s a bit more to come.

4. The: OMGoodGod why can’t you finish already rage stage.

It seems as though there’s nothing left to do, main fixtures and fittings are in, the walls have had their first coat, what’s the God Damn holdup?! We can tell you precisely what the hold up is, it’s the filling, the sanding, the caulking, the cornice, the skirting, the picture rail and rose, the tiling and the carpentry and more sanding and top coats and drying time… yep, it’s a ball ache, there’s not much better way to describe it… a boob ache maybe? All these things generally take far longer than you think and quite easily send you stir crazy, whether you know full well how long they take or not (we’re just as guilty of the ‘close to the end’ rage). But, it’s got to be done right and as with most things, good things come to those who wait

5. The: We’re done! When can I clean?! Stage

And then, just like that, it’s all over and like it never happened! Or rather it did happen but much like childbirth with added dust your brain blocks out any painful memories and shows you only the beautiful result making it all to easy to start planning your next one… Plus, and this is the really exciting bit – you can clean!! Although builders do tidy up once they’re done (and we make sure ours are particularly conscientious when it comes to that) there will be dust… It’s the price you pay for having beautiful new rooms and it will last a few weeks. However, we’re betting you’ll be so chuffed with your new space that wiping surfaces clean will be a pleasure rather than a chore. 😊

Now, if we’ve not put you off, it’s time to give us a call and book in for that extension… (room overhaul/loft conversion/new kitchen/new bathroom… you get the gist)

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